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Middle Years Forum II

Families ACT hosted its second Middle Years Forum on November 15, bringing together practitioners from the community sector, education, health and ACT Government to discuss the unique needs of children aged in their Middle Years, between eight and 12. 

Keynote speaker Sharon Bessell, from the ANU's Crawford School of Public Policy, talked about her research into how Middle Years children conceptualise community, and what they need from the communities they live in.

Consultant psychologist Alasdair Roy spoke about his experience of visiting the Nordic countries as a Churchill Scholar, and his observations about how Sweden, Finland and Norway promote and protect children's rights.

Tim Moore of the Institute of Child Protection Studies discussed the experiences and needs of Middle Years children who care for family members.

Wendy Cave, the Principal of Macquarie Primary School, shared her observations of Middle Years children at her school, as they prepare for the tradition to high school.

Community Paediatrician Sue Packer talked about how children grow in their Middle Years, noting that they need room to take risks and make mistakes in order to grow.

Video of all of the presentations can be found on Families ACT's YouTube Channel, and the presenters' PowerPoint presentations can be viewed on our Resources page.