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Middle Years Forum Update


A big thank you to everyone who attended Families ACT’s Middle Years Forum on 9th February, for making the day such a success and for completing the evaluation forms.

It has been very helpful to have feedback about what people liked about the day and how we might improve future events. We were really pleased to receive a number of suggestions for follow-up forums both on related and unrelated issues.

The collated feedback can be found here.

There was a keen interest in having access to the speakers’ PowerPoint presentations. These can be accessed here:

Professor George Patton
Professor Gerry Redmond
Stephen Bartos
Debbie Noble-Carr
Alasdair Roy

We were also gratified that participants valued the breadth of agency representation in the room, and by the suggestion that we should be aiming for the same spread of government and community sector representation at future events. One participant was interested in knowing who attended, so please find a list of attendees here.

We have an email list of people who were at the forum and will keep you posted about future developments.

If you missed the Middle Years Forum and would like more information, please contact Families ACT.

Karen HallMiddle Years, Forum, 2017