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'Safe from the Start' Resource Kits for Members to Borrow


Safe from the Start is an innovative, early intervention and evidence based project initiated by The Salvation Army, which has won the top National Crime & Violence Prevention Award in 2011 and a Child Protection Award in 2010.

Developed in partnership with two universities (UTAS & Swinburne) a research study 'States of Mind', was undertaken by Dr Erica Bell and covered the impact and specific needs of children aged 0-5 who witnessed family violence.

The research demonstrated that children being exposed to violence in the early years can suffer severe effects on brain development and increases the risk of adopting violent behaviour, addictions to alcohol and drugs and mental health issues later in life.

The Safe from the Start action research project was developed by Dr Angela Spinney (Swinburne University, Vic.) resulting in a training program and therapeutic resource kit.  Nationally over 1000 people have participated in training and over 600 resources kits have been distributed within Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and Singapore.

The Resource Kit Includes special topic books, puppets, CD, DVD, cards and a Hints & Tips Guide and instructional DVD on how to use the kit's resources. Three of these kits are available for members to borrow.

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