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'Managing to Collaborate' for Members to Borrow


Managing to Collaborate is a book by by Chris Huxham and Siv Vangen, UK researchers into partnerships. This is a great reference for those involved in collaboration, providing a practical and systemic approach to managing situations in which people have to work collaboratively with those in other organisations. 

Chris Huxham is known internationally for her research on collaboration, she has worked for almost 20 years with people from all sectors involved in networks, partnerships and alliances. Siv Vangen is a leading international researcher known for her cutting edge, award winning research into the governance, leadership and management of inter-organisational collaboration. Their book, Managing to Collaborate: The Theory and Practice of Collaborative Advantage brings together their extensive experience to create a useful, practical, one-stop resource covering topics such as:

  • the principles of the theory of collaborative advantage
  • managing aims 
  • membership structures and dynamics 
  • issues of identity
  • using the theory.

We have two copies to lend to members.

Karen HallMembers