Families ACT Practice Framework.pdf

Overview of the Practice Framework.pdf

Practice Framework Project report (2013)


Parent Engagement in ACT Schools (2017)

Domestic and Family Violence Briefing Paper (2016)

Parenting Programs in the ACT (2015)

Youth Engagement in the ACT (2013)

Case Management paper (2013)

Procurement Paper (2013)

Engaging Families and Building Home-School Connectedeness (Alison Elliott 2006)

Review of Family Support Services in the ACT (Morgan Disney 2004)

Middle Years Links

Middle Years Forum II - Speaker Presentations (November 2017)

Sharon Bessell - What children say they need from their communities

Alasdair Roy - The Nordic experience - how Sweden, Finland and Norway promote and protect children's rights

Sue Packer - Who are the Middle Years children?

Wendy Cave - The Middle Years children of Macquarie Primary School

Tim Moore - Supporting carers aged between 8-12

Middle Years Forum I - Speaker Presentations (February 2017) 

George Patton - Physical and psychological development of 8-12 year olds

Gerry Redmond - What do we know about children in their Middle Years?

Debbie Noble-Carr - How Middle Years children experience and conceptualise grief

Alasdair Roy - Childism: why do we treat them like children, rather than humans?